at STEP, we have been actively participating in the technology events around the globe and making sure we are updated in the world of technology.

Swati Gaonkar – Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

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Startup Partner Sponsor for “ATAGTR2019” Pune

As the software world grows to be more complex by the day, so do the trends in the testing world.

The systems around us getting more and more interwoven, with the advances in technology,

the best we can do as testers is to keep learning and advancing.

It does seem like a lot of hard work so it is important to take a breath and refresh.

For 4 years now Agile Testing Alliance has been bringing to us the perfect platform for us to learn and have fun.

STEP has been  sponsor as  Startup Partner for this event.






STEP Training Center




We conducted the certificate ceremony for our graduate students at STEP Training Center, Andheri. Everyone shared how STEP has helped them in continues career growth and in achieving technological milestones. We had engaging interaction with all for STEP’s future strategies and how STEP can further help each and everyone in journey of successful professional. We also demonstrated RPA capabilities in Academic as well as in Project Implementation Partner.




Mumbai Event



#UiPathTogether Mumbai event was all about exploring innovation, learning, and networking with top leaders on the market. The event was a perfect mix of networking and learning about UiPath’s latest product roadmap that empowers companies to meet the rising demand for RPA + AI. It was proof of the industry acceleration and business momentum achieved. Great energy and engagement, and we look forward to continuing presence with all in the coming months.





RPA is constantly evolving. There’s always more to learn and more benefits to unlock. We interacted with audience ranged from people new to RPA to seasoned RPA Developers who have contributed reusable components to the UiPath Go marketplace. We learned how to create custom activities to better automate processes , Library creation and deployment in Orchestrator and also found out features in latest releases.




one day #Workshop &

Live Bot Creation



With active participation from students, working professionals, we successfully conducted one day workshop at STEP Andheri Training Center. We included RPA Awareness, RPA Roles & Responsibilities, Career Opportunities. Audience showed tremendous interest and interaction while we showed live bot creation with interesting examples. At the end of workshop we also presented attendees with Certificate of Participation.